Winchester Chess Club

March Madness Chess Tournament on March 16 - Flyer here; Registration here

April 13 (League season awards & Bughouse tourney) 

Congratulations to the Knight to c3 WINNERS (tourney held 2/9/19)
Sam Rogers: K3 - 1st
Doc Robinson: K3 - 2nd
Colin Wanger: K3 - 3rd
Clyde Chandler: K3 - 4th

Barrett Freidhof: K5 - 1st 
Travis Kelley: K5 - 2nd
Kynadee Elliott: K5 - 3rd 

Elye Ponder: K8 - 1st 
Kaleb Roard: K8 - 2nd 
Caelen Rocha: K8 - 3rd 
Kaden Elliott: K8 - 4th 

Shannon Robertson: Open - 1st
Roma Lopez: Open - 2nd
Nathan Gay: Open - 3rd

Our next free chess club session will take place 3/4/19.

We'll be studying two more tactics.

Did you know there is another chess club in Winchester for youngsters? It is the Clark County 4H Chess Club. See this flyer (click here) for more information. As of 12/18/18 there is still room for more learners in this club.

We are in our 8th season of the Winchester Scholastic Chess League (WSCL) 2018-2019

for current standings after the 2/9/19 Knight to c3 tourney - click here

Next Tourney dates: March 16, April 13
Tournament Location: Conkwright Elementary - 360 Mt. Sterling Rd., Winchester, KY

Late registration starts at 8:30, 1st round 9:15 (please pre-register here - highly encouraged to help everyone start on time)

Entry fees - and USCF memberships
Each Tournament fee is $10 per family. USCF Membership is required and available on site (click here for pricing).

Sections of play
K3, K5, and K8 (note change - was K3, K8, K12); Note: USCF Membership is not required all season for K3 section only.

Each tourney 1st - 3rd place trophies each section.
Season ends April 13 with League trophies - 1st-5th place Individual and 1st-3rd Place Teams.

April 13th - AWARDS! (and last tournament)
Individual and Team awards will be given at the end of the day; We'll start our day with a Bughouse (rules here) Chess Tournament. Form teams of two - grab your friend! - No USCF Membership required - unrated.

We have 6 great volunteers so far this year to help our tournaments run fun and smooth. We are most appreciative to all who will be giving of their time and efforts! These areas of help have not been "assigned" yet. Photographer, awards preparation, sign-in and registrations, equipment (boards, pieces, clocks, clipboards, etc.), finance & bookkeeping, clean-up (floors, tables, etc), league point scorer and website updates, flyer preparation. You may volunteer for more than one area. Volunteers - please email me with your preferred area(s) at




An Open section will be offered with each tourney.

Welcome to our club!

The Winchester/Clark County Parks & Recreation Chess Club has free chess sessions on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 6:30 until 9 pm. Come and go as you please. 

Our free sessions include friendly chess matches via quads whenever possible, instruction, discussions, and socializing. We also have tournaments as announced.

This group is for the young and old alike. If you used to play chess or play online, this is a good, friendly group to get to know. Also, if you don't know how to play and would like to learn... come on out and we will teach you! Is is said that chess is easy to learn, but hard to master.

contact us at


College Park Gym Conference Room (free chess club)

15 Wheeler Ave

Winchester, KY 40391

Conkwright Elementary (tourneys on tourney dates)