Winchester Chess Club

WCCPR Online Chess Club Tournaments

(scroll down for directions how to join)

Congratulations to our winners:

Moon-Dog - 3/14/20

LexChess - 3/16/20

BCharlesBSN - 3/21/20

LexChess/DJblizzard - 3/23/20

judah100 - 3/30/20 (under 13yo)

Ark-I-Beast - 3/30/20 (Open)

LexChess - 4/10/20 (Good Friday WPRCC Tournament)

RylanThomas101 and judah100 4/20/20 (Arena Open)


Arena Tournaments are fast paced, action filled events where you try to earn as many points as you can in a certain amount of time. There are no rounds in an Arena Tournament. Players are paired nonstop after their games until the timer runs out.


Note: You will need to connect with computer/tablet (easiest way). Option - use cell phone (but you'll first need to become a member of the online club using a computer or website (not cell phone app).

First you need to become (if you're not already) a member of the website.

Go to and sign up!

If you're already a member of the ONLINE WCCPR CHESS CLUB –you're good to go!

If you're not already a member of the winchester-parks-and-rec-chess-club @ then you'll need to become a member. Use a browser (not app) to navigate.

Go to :Club Link   <<--click me <<--

( )

Then click Join button on the screen

Now hover over Play with your mouse, then click Live (see pic below)

Then click on the Tournaments tab in the top-right side of screen (see pic below)

Then click on the on the specific tourney as shown above tournament in the list.  In each our our tourneys, you'll see the WCCPR logo to the left of the tourney title.

Then click the large Join button that pops up.

Now you're ready to go!... just wait (and chat) until the first game starts up.  You will be paired up automatically.  The next round  (or game if Arena) will start when round (or your game) is over.



Other fun stuff:

  • You can view games being played after your own game is done. (if Swiss tourney, not Arena); you can compete as best guesser of next move of the game your viewing.
  • You can chat with the whole group - even before the tournament begins (if you have questions, this would be a good place to ask them)    
To chat with the group:
  • click on the Chat icon (see pic below)
  • then click on Winchester Parks tab (you'll have this option since you've joined our club)
  • then click into the Message pane, start typing... hit enter for each msg. string.
  • After then tournament, you can view all games.  
  • After the tournament, you can go back to the club page (Connect / Clubs / Winchester Parks and Rec. Chess Club ) then add a note in the notes section  or join a daily match, look at News, just explore....
  • Remember you can set up your notifications to receive info. on news, notes, etc. from the club