Winchester Chess Club

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Busy December Chess Tournament - 12/16/17

Open & Scholastic Sections

Scholastic trophies for 1st - 3rd place in each section. (K3, K5, K12)

Open prizes:  (after taking out 10% for club, then 60% 1st place, 40% 2nd place)

In the league gain individual and team points to win the season ending grand trophies. Grand trophies for top 5 individuals and top 3 teams in each section.  Three sections: K3, K5, K12.  Individual winners will receive trophies at each tournament.

All tournaments including the last FINALS in April will count for individual and team league points. 

Venue: College Park Annex (Library Building) - 30 Wheeler Ave., Winchester, KY  
Each game: G/30; d5. 

Entry Fee: UNRATED FREE; $5 (Scholastic) entry fee for each tournament. $10 (Open section).

Scholastic registration starts at 8:30, 1st round start time 9:15 AM.  

Open registration starts at 9:15, 1st round start time 9:45 AM.
More info. by contacting